Rules and Regulations

You hereby acknowledge that you are fully aware of the nature and
purpose of the activities of Connecting Canines (CC).
You understand that these activities are potentially dangerous and you
agree to follow the directions of CC personnel at all CC events.

As a condition of attendance at a CC event, you hereby waive any
claim for liability for any injury to yourself or pet, or damage to your
property you may receive a reason of participating in a CC event.
You voluntarily accept all risks associated therewith and agree to hold
harmless and indemnify the Hike Leader and other CC volunteers from
any liability or responsibility for accident, damage, injury or illness to
yourself or pet whether or not such accident, damage, injury or illness
resulted directly or indirectly from the negligent acts or omissions of the
Hike Leader and/or other CC volunteers.

Bringing guests is allowed but you are responsible to update your guests
on rules and regulations.

CC rules are posted on our web site. Please ensure to view the most
updated version as the rules may change periodically.

Pictures: We may capture you and your pet’s likeness while participating
during a CC event. Unless you otherwise specify, you
authorize CC the use and/or reproduce of yours and your dog’s likeness in print, web or other media. You agree that you  
will not be compensated for any such use but may request and receive
copies of the print.

By attending one of our events, you agree to our terms and rules.

You may be excluded from CC events at any time for misconduct or your dog's misbehavior.


Each dog must be accompanied by at least one adult and must remain on a maximum 6 ft. leash. 

Dogs must be up to date on shots and be wearing an ID tag.

Dog owners must provide their own bags and pick up their dog's droppings. 

Dog owners must provide adequate water for both their dog and themselves.

Hiking boots or other appropriate footwear must be worn. Owners are responsible for their own sunscreen.

Dogs should be well socialized. If your dog is not well socialized, please contact  us. We may evaluate your dog prior to participating in our hikes