Frequently Asked Questions


What types of group activities do you set up?

We are just getting started so at the moment, we are primarily setting up hikes and casual walks as well as special events such as wine tasting. However, if you are not a hiker or walker, we plan to add park play dates, coffee meet-ups and more. 

What types of hikes do you go on?

We will mostly set up easy and moderate hikes in the Simi Valley and surrounding areas within Conejo Valley and Santa Monica Mountains. We will maintain a leisurely or moderate pace so you don't need to be a hard core athlete to keep up. 

Do dogs need to be on leash?

Yes, we will abide by local rules and regulations and all dogs will be kept on leash. We recommend a 6 foot leash. Please do not use a retractable leash. 

Is it free?

Some activities will be free, while we will ask for a nominal fee for our training hikes and special events.  In addition to burning your dog's excessive energy, Jen Davenport will provide training tips and techniques during the hike and a short training session at the end. 

For paid hikes, you can pay at the beginning of the hike or go to our PayPal page to pay ahead of time.


What are your rules?

Each dog must be accompanied by at least one adult and must remain on a maximum 6 ft. leash. 

Dogs must be up to date on shots and be wearing an ID tag.

Dog owners must provide their own bags and pick up their dog's droppings. 

Dog owners must provide adequate water for both their dog and themselves.

Hiking boots or other appropriate footwear must be worn. Owners are responsible for their own sunscreen.

Dogs should be well socialized. If your dog is not well socialized, please contact
us. We may evaluate your dog prior to participating in our hikes.

Read our Rules and Regulations

Can puppies join?

All dogs, including puppies, must be up to date on shots. We do not recommend long hikes for dogs under the age of 6 months old. Park play dates, some casual walks and other activities would be best for puppies. 


What if my dog isn't social?

Our activities and events are intended for social dogs only. However, if you are unsure of your dog's reaction to other dogs, contact us ahead of time for an evaluation. All dogs must be friendly with humans.

Can kids join?

Bring your children at your own risk. Keep in mind that many of our hikes and walks may be too strenuous for younger kids. You know your children best and what they can handle. 

What about fleas and ticks?

We suggest that all dogs be treated with flea and tick medication prior to hiking. 

How much interaction with other dogs will my dog get?

For our hikes and walks, interaction is limited as our focus is on exercising our pups (and ourselves). It is still a great to work on your relationship with your pet in the presence of other animals and distractions. We will be adding park play dates and other activities where the dogs will have a better chance of playing. 

Where can I RSVP to your events?

Our Facebook page is the best place to RSVP to events. Click the link below. Or if you don't use Facebook, you can email us at or call or text 818-445-3452.

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