About Us

Dog and Owner Social Interaction


Hi, my name is Jen Davenport (with my dog, Piper). As a Simi Valley dog trainer (and owner of 3 Dog Training) and hiking enthusiast, I decided to combine the two and offer group hikes and other activities for dog owners wishing to socialize with others while also learning more about dog behavior and training.

I am often asked by my clients how they can better socialize their dogs. The obvious answer seems to be the dog park. But not all owners want to take their dogs to the dog park and not all dogs do well in that environment.

I decided to start Connecting Canines so that dog owners would have a way to burn their dogs excessive energy while in the company of other dogs and dog owners. As a dog trainer, it is also my desire to pass on my training knowledge to you during many of our outings. The combination of exercise, socialization and training is beneficial to both dog and owner.

Of course, it doesn't always have to be hiking that brings us together (although we do have some fabulous hills around here). As we grow, we will add casual walks, park play dates, coffee time, and more.

Group Hikes, Casual Walks, Meetings


A great way to enjoy the outdoors and other locations with fellow dog owners. 

Training Tips and Advice


Improve your training skills while you socialize. Many of our walks or hikes will include valuable training information about how to walk on a loose leash, proper dog introduction, dog body language, impulse control and more.